Making Meaning of Scholarly Work: Author Blog Posts

We would like to announce the opportunity for authors to promote and share their publications in Cognition and Instruction to a wider audience through this Blog. Look out for upcoming posts from authors past and future sharing behind the scene stories behind their manuscripts, the ways they hope their research is taken up in informal and formal learning environments, and updates to the vintage C&I pieces you’ve come to love. First post from Dr. Jasmine Y. Ma framing how her recent publication Multi-Party, Whole-Body Interactions in Mathematical Activity came out of the question of: “what might happen if we think of learners’ Read More …

Our New C&I Blog!

Welcome to our new C&I website and blog, a space that our new editorial team hopes to make the center of more ongoing and vibrant discourse around the topics of relevance to our scholarly community. We plan to include multimedia add-ons to articles, and more text-based commentaries. Please connect with our editorial assistant via email if you have any ideas for content or would like to submit to the blog.